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Held on Wednesday 23rd July 2014 at 18:00

  1. Opening and Welcome – Adrian Wilmans : “Welcome to the new faces, and exciting news on the progress of the Consevancy was shared briefly.
  2. Attendance and Apologies

Magda, Gordon, Terry and Jenny, Marion, Renate and Johann, Lesly and Martin, Debbie Blinkhorn, Neil , Paul , Lorna , Sine , Gordon , Juanita and Adrian.

Apologies: Biggi, Maretha Alant, Niels Jacobson, Ronnie Board,Chris and Bev Mercer

  1. Approval of previous Minutes, for AGM: Proposed buy Paul. Seconded by Neil.
  2. Minutes from last month conservancy meeting Proposed by Sine and seconded by Paul.
  3. Feedback on traps, Agri when approached by Adrian to buy a trap had been told none are available, in any form.
  4. Dy and James catch and release predators of their Chickens, and have said they think there trap is a humane way to deal with the problem
  5. Inspection this week of areas where snares had been seen last month are now clear of them We showed the Cape Nature rep, Carlo the problem, he said we must catch the perpetrator in the act to prosecute.
  6. A non-Profit organization has been found to cost nothing but need a correct constitution to be able to register, if this sis the case we will pursue the application and it is said to take 2 weeks for the application to be approved if all is filled in properly. Adrian is perusing this
  7. Once we are registered we will open a bank account possibly at Nedbank. As Lorna has seen this to be the best option after research.
  8. San Parks has sent apologies for not making the meeting again but we have a e mail from Nicolas which we will attach to these minutes for your perusal.
  9. The most important action that is to take place should you want help from the San parks projects, is to complete the assistance form and know that you will have to contribute, Transport, toilet, water, and management of a team that may work on your site, plus the commitment to keep the stand clear once they have done the 3 clears on your behalf. Should you wish to keep alien species, please fill in your demarcation form, with reasons and a plan to plant indigenous in their place to remove in the future?
  10. Marion reports a success story with the help she received some time back and encouraged people to get on the system by filling in the landowner agreement forms, I will attach them to this email as well, please return them to me for processing.
  11. We will maintain the meeting at Le Leuce next month as no one can offer a meeting venue in Hoekwil at this stage The date will be Wednesday 27 Aug at 1052 Taai bos Rd Wilderness heights Le Leuce


Future meetings to Diarize :

24 Sep at TBC (Venue To Be Confirmed)

22 Oct at TBC

19 Nov at TBC

December for a year end Function maybe at Le Leuce

  1. Closing, followed by Tea Coffee, Juice and braai snacks and salad.

We closed round 8pm.



To instill in all our members, partners and visitors a deep sense of pride in, stewardship of and responsibility for our unique natural heritage and a realization of its intrinsic and environmental value.


To conserve the natural assets of the area, in partnership with all its people, for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations.