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Held on Wednesday 27th August 2014 at 18:00

at Le Leuce, end of Taaibos Street, Wilderness Heights

  1. Opening and Welcome – Adrian Wilmans : “Welcome to Mikhail and exciting news on the progress of the Consevancy was shared briefly.
  2. Attendance and Apologies

Paul , Lorna , Sine, Mikhail, Juanita and Adrian.

Apologies: Biggi and Gordon, Ronnie Board, Magda and Manie, Terry and Jenny, Renate and Johann, Neil Champion, Caroline and Boet.


  1. Minutes from last month conservancy meeting Proposed by Paul and seconded by Lorna.
  2. Feedback on signs from Carlo of cape Nature with samples where shown by Adrian and 1 has been approved, Mikhail will quote us on 2 for the Wilderness heights area and 1 for the Hoekwil Shop.
  3. The Nonprofit organization registration has gone through to our accountant Casper De Waal, for assessing the constitution.

It is asked of the old members if the new revision of the constitution ever went through to Cape Nature in 2009, or do they still have the older version?

  1. There are 2 emails available for members to gain info from if you want them, 1 from Kay Montgomery , who heads up the media on alien invasive species, and 1 on the work shop at Far hills on the 16th of September, from the group conservation at work, please let me know if you want these sent to you.
  2. We welcome Mikhail as a new member and hope to see more members joining next meeting, we also have our first filled in landowners agreement from Taaibos Rd. for assisted clearing in 2015. Please get your forms back to me so that I can give them to Walter Mzimba for processing; please also get your demarcation forms and maps back to me if you want to keep alien trees Category 2.
  3. We will maintain the meeting at Le Leuce next month as no one can offer a meeting venue in Hoekwil at this stage The date will be Wednesday 24th September at 1052 Taai bos Rd Wilderness heights Le Leuce

Future meetings to Diarize :


24 Sep at Art At le Leuce

22 Oct at TBC Venue To Be Confirmed)

19 Nov at TBC

December for a year end Function maybe at Le Leuce

  1. Closing, followed by Tea Coffee, Juice and Roast Chicken snacks and salad.

We closed round 7.30pm.


To instill in all our members, partners and visitors a deep sense of pride in, stewardship of and responsibility for our unique natural heritage and a realization of its intrinsic and environmental value.


To conserve the natural assets of the area, in partnership with all its people, for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations.


Chairman:Adrian Cell: 0828260463