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Held on Wednesday 24th September 2014 at 18:00

at the Le Leuce end of Taaibos Rd Wilderness Heights

1.Opening and Welcome – Adrian Wilmans – “Welcome to the new faces and new members.

The progress of the Consevancy was shared briefly.

  1. Attendance and Apologies – Apologies as follows: Magda, Gordon,Terry and Jenny,Paul, Sine, Lorna, Sine, Gordon, Biggi

Attendance: Niels and Elsabie Jacobson, Ronnie Board, Gerrie, Evon (representing their whole family), Adrian and Juanita.

  1. Approval of previous Minutes – Carried over to next month.

4 Report back from the chair – Two workshops were attended, one called at work at Farhills Hotel: General good practice was taught.

The second meeting was held at NMMU where Annerie Roos in connection with Prof. Christo Fabricius have further discussed information gathering which was given by Adrian and Paul on the day. This highlighted areas of concern to the Touw River members. CSIR is now busy mapping this area.

  1. Please urgently get your WFW applications for assistance back to us to forward to San Parks. – WE ARE STILL AWAITING THESE.
  2. General Matters: Mikhail has become a new member and is currently producing three signs that will be put up at the Hoekwil and Bundu Cafes and at the end of Whites Road where it intersects the Seven Passes.

These are anti poaching signs with pictures. This has been initiated by Touw River Concervancy and Cape Nature.


The role players in our area who all need to be consulted when action is to be implemented are WFW (Working for Water) Cape Nature, DWAF (Department of water affairs and forestry, San Parks, George Municipality, Eden Municipality, various Lakes and Action Groups, ratepayers associations, the NMMU, Sanral and landowners.


Please be aware that the Touw River has been in contact with all of these over the last nine years, bringing us together in the fight for conservation.


Two issues brought up by Niels, who we welcome back as a member are the following

–Dogs need to be managed as many of these pets left at home entertain themselves by hunting our wild animals. Please consider adequate enclosure to ensure your dogs do not access the wild areas.

– Please do not fence in large properties, rather restrict fencing to 30m around the house, as wild animals need to move through the properties to continue breeding.


Elsie has kindly volunteered to see people to assist them in signing up the assistance form and will be visiting people in the following month.

Please note that for the 22nd October, Le Leuce will not be available for a meeting.

Kindly plan for the year end function on the 19th November as this will be our last meeting for 2014.

Future meeting to Diarize :

19 Nov for a year end Function at Le Leuce.

28 Jan 2015 – New Year Vision

25 Feb 2015 – Action Plan

  1. Closing, followed by Tea Coffee, and as its braai day please bring and braai. We hope to finish between 7.30pm

and 8pm.


To instill in all our members, partners and visitors a deep sense of pride in, stewardship of and responsibility for our unique natural heritage and a realization of its intrinsic and environmental value.


To conserve the natural assets of the area, in partnership with all its people, for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations.


Adrian Cell: 0828260463

Please connect to our web page on Face book.