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Held on Wednesday 19 November 2014 at 18:00

at the Le Leuce end of Taaibos Rd Wilderness Heights

  1. Opening and Welcome – Adrian Wilmans – “Welcome to the new faces and new members. The progress of the Consevancy was shared briefly.
  1. Attendance and Apologies – Apologies as follows: Magda, Manie,Terry and Jenny, Gordon, Biggi, Ronnie Board,

Mikhail, Niels and Elsabie.

Attendance: Gerrie, Yvon (representing their whole family), Adrian and Juanita, Sine,Bernard, Lorna, Chris and Graham Godfrey ,Nzipho Mdlouvo, Robin Douglas, Neil Champion, Paul Rixom,Charles, Scott, David Owen, Sithembile Shezi, Lorna Del

  1. Approval of previous Minutes – Carried over to next month please see we need September and August as well as these, it would be great if some people could just read and approve for us at the Jan meeting please.
  2. Nzipho from San Parks gave us a talk to include the general areas that she is responsible for in the garden route, now only being in this are for 3 months and falling under Walter Mazimba, she also introduced us to her successor in our direct area, and this is a lady called Sithembile, avalible on 071 138 2035 who will be helping with the 4 clears along the spruit starting from the Kiewets vlei and ending down in the valley at the end of Taaibos rd.

We have 4 signed landowners who are going to receive this awesome gift of clearing in the new year, and uplift our valley with getting back the natural environment for the wild life.


  1. We also had a short discussion on the poacher that lives in a rented house in Hoekwil, and published the info to all the members to alert you of his person and actions.
  2. General Matters: We welcome the first joint meeting with WALEAF and its chair, David Owen and Secretary, Charles Scott and hope that they gained at least 4 new members from this event. They have an interest in the applications that get put in for the Wilderness areas and do a diligent job of opposing unwanted and illegal development, we hope that they make use of our venue at least 3 times next year as a base.
  3. We ended the year with a great Braai and lots of good positive discussions on the birds and the bees…


Future meeting to Diarize : At Le Leuce

28 Jan 2015 – New Year Vision

25 Feb 2015 – Action Plan


To instill in all our members, partners and visitors a deep sense of pride in, stewardship of and responsibility for our unique natural heritage and a realization of its intrinsic and environmental value.


To conserve the natural assets of the area, in partnership with all its people, for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations.


Adrian Cell: 0828260463

Please connect to our web page on Face book.