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Held on Wednesday 25 February 2015 at 18:00

at the Le Leuce end of Taaibos Rd Wilderness Heights

  1. Welcome: Chairman Adrian Wilmans

To all present, and especially the new faces. We have 14 paid up members in the conservancy to date. At least 20 that have attended meetings regularly, and we send invites to at least 40 people every meeting.

These regular monthly meetings are quite a lot of work for us and we plan our lives around them. They were planned specifically to get people into the routine of every last Wednesday of the month. I think we have achieved this goal and now propose that we go to every second month.

The next date would then be 29th April for the general meeting and

For the AGM, we voted 24 June by show of hands.


  1. Apologies

Biggi and Gordon, who have both been very ill

Marion Butler,Chris Gordon (Wessa),Sitembele (SanParks)

Magdel Plantema, Niel Champion, Manie Strydom, Mikhail De la Croix

Attendance: Gerrie, Yvon (representing their whole family), Adrian and Juanita, Sine and Bernard Strydom, Lorna Schope, Nzipho Mdlouvo, Paul Rixom, Charles Scott, David Owen, Terry and Jenny , Magda Van Zyl


  1. Approval of previous 3 meeting’s minutes

Proposer and seconder for August Paul Rixom and Lorna Schope.

Proposer and seconder for September sine Strydom and David Owen

Proposer and seconder for November Gerrie and Juanita


  1. Action Plan for the TRC for 2015
  • To Grow the conservancy,
  • To Clear more sites. People may think that we are only concerned about clearing , but the benefits go well beyond just getting rid of them, where indigenous vegetation returns, we have better (and more) water supplies, wild life thrives and returns (animals, birds and all the “goggas”), to name but a few.
  • To Maintain the cleared sites. (every alien that is removed is one less to worry about.) We regularly do what we call “Wattle walks” and challenge each other to pull at least 10 new growers.
  • To inform people of plants that can cause problems and…
  • To plant indigenous instead of exotics

o Privit to be replaced with Rhus Varieties (Rhus Crenata)

o American Agave replaced with Aloes

o Flowering trees like Tipiano/Robinia replaced with Dombaya/Virgilia (Kerboom)

  • Sites currently in the melting Pot that Sanparks has committed to clear this year

o Angus & Joanne Kirkman, 9 ha site in Watsonia rd

o Paul Rixom, 3 ha in Taaibos (same stream as A&J above)

o Venetia Stander, 9ha, partially already clear due to horses, but badly infested at river, 9ha stand (same stream)

o Gerrie & Yvonne, 3ha (same stream) application has been submitted and we assume that it will also happen at the same time.

  • SanParks – Nzipho Presentation How san parks gets its rates to clear your site and how difficult it is to work with locals to get the desired result, and her general commitment to the area.


  1. General Matters
  • Madeira Vine Experiment – Juanita stuffed vines into 2 black bags. The results lie before you, 99% success without the use of herbicides
  • A 3 page pamphlet was give out from San parks on Madera vine.
  • WALEAF – Charles and David have been actively doing comments on Land use applications as well as the site visits, opposing problem applications and approving ones that have no negative implications for the landowners in this area.
  • Mikhail has given us Notice boards to put up to stop poaching these were given out to be installed on focal points in Wilderness heights and Hoekwil.


To instill in all our members, partners and visitors a deep sense of pride in, stewardship of and responsibility for our unique natural heritage and a realization of its intrinsic and environmental value.


To conserve the natural assets of the area, in partnership with all its people, for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations.


Adrian Cell: 0828260463